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Please keep in mind when ordering that we make rustic farmhouse furniture. Part of the character to the tables are knots in the wood, various grains and directions of the grains. Every table is unique! The stains will take to each piece of wood in a different way. We custom build these to be one-of-a-kind and rustic in every aspect. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

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Can you feel it?.......I can...... but this Houston 108 degree weather tells us otherwise. I see all the signs FALL is on the way. Businesses are already decorating with pumpkins, corn stalks, scarecrows, warm tones, and everything pumpkin spice. 

I'm sure we will all miss summer, but I'm looking forward to cool, crisp weather. Besides all the amazing food that intertwines with fall, I think decorating is the absolute best part. Working in the farmhouse furniture industry definitely gets you into the fall mood, and seeing all of our customers pictures of how they decorated gets my heart fluttering!! 

Decorations can be used all year round, for just about any holiday. Fall and Christmas are the most popular. In today's blog I wanted to show you all some ways our customers have decorated their custom furniture, and how they got creative and used it in a unique way! 

Our first picture is this beautiful Herringbone Pedestal Table. It has a Classic Gray stain with a White base. Brittnee Dawley is the owner of this farmhouse table and she absolutely killed it with the decorations!  She has a niche for decor!  The orange and gold/yellow tones really bring out the grey and white, they pair very well together. The pin striped pumpkins put this look all together! I'm thrilled with how this turned out. Brittnee is actually a home decorator. You can check out all her work on Instagram @darlingdawley. 

In this Second Picture we have our farmhouse media console table with sliding barn doors. the top is stained early american and has a white base. Normally when customers order these, they use them for either a TV stand or a china hutch. Here you can see this customer used it as a baby changing table. This is such a creative idea, and has never been done with our furniture. As a mother myself it is very inspiring! 

I hope you guys enjoyed our customers creations and ideas! If you have decorated your table for a holiday season or used your custom farmhouse furniture in a unique way please email me pictures at hannahw.dxd@gmail.com to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram! If you have any questions or have a certain topic you would like to read about on our blog or if you have any ideas feel free to email me as well! we would love to hear from you all! 

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